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23 Apr 2024

Blog Post

5 Handmade Masks That Your Kids Will Love (And Make Them More Safe)

5 Handmade Masks That Your Kids Will Love (And Make Them More Safe) 

Let’s face it, keeping your children indoors all day, every day for weeks on end is impossible. Going outside is an essential service. Your children are going to need to go for walks, to ride their bikes and to accompany you on errands.

Since this is a reality, it’s our job as parents to at least keep them safe. Sanitary wipes, disinfectant and teaching them to frequently wash their hands are all very important. So is giving them a mask they can wear. While children don’t often show signs of having the virus, we don’t know if they can be carriers, so giving them a mask will surely help slow the spread.

Why not give them something they will love, that they can be proud of? The masks below have a lot of personality, featuring their favorite characters, patterns and more.

Popular patterns

You know they love disney characters, superheros, dinosaurs, baby shark, unicorns and more – so giving them a mask with their favorite character is almost guaranteed to make them want to wear it.

Go to: TheAfricanShopCo

Stretchy and easy to wear

Masks that go around the ears can be uncomfortable. These scarves don’t hurt and can be pulled over the mouth and down again without taking off – and the patterns are amazing!

Go to: FashionableMasks

Safe and comfortable

These masks are more protective, featuring 3 layer cotton, filter sleeve and dust filters. They are contoured to the face. If you’re going to be safe you might as well be comfy.


Use the force!

This awesome Star Wars mask looks amazing and fits great. The seller has many different designs available for kids that want to show off their love of Star Wars.

Go to: Telaofla

Buy in bulk

Kids get things dirty, and they play hard! These masks come in bulk and are plain but inexpensive. Buy packs of 5 so that you can cut down on laundry and always have new masks handy to give them.

Go to: LuvageCA

Caring For Your Face Mask

Selecting a great design and pattern is just the start.  Caring for your masks once they arrive is very important as there are some risks when wearing a mask on your face if you don’t keep it clean and sterile.  

  1. When you receive your kids mask, wash it before they wear it.  Put it on a gentle cycle with similar colours.
  2. Always air dry your kids mask.  Putting it through the dryer can shrink it and damage hand-stitched threads – don’t wear it out before your kids do!
  3. If possible, place a surgical mask filter inside your kids mask.  Some masks come with a sleeve as a feature, or you can wear it directly inside of your cotton mask.  You can also use individual N95 (or similar filters).  Some people also use dryer sheets and vacuum filters.
  4. When your kids get home after wearing their mask, remove it immediately and wash it, either in the sink with some soap or in the washing machine to keep them safe.

Ear Protection

These handy plastic bands take the pressure off of your kids ears. All sales donate to local healthcare, so you can support hospitals while protecting yourself.

Go to: ForrestViewFoundry Product Page

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