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21 May 2024

Blog Post

Custom Gifts For The Baker in Your Life

Custom Gifts For The Baker in Your Life 

One of the easiest way to come up with a thoughtful gift is to think about the hobbies of your loved one. If they spend time baking for their family – or themselves – then they may appreciate some of the gifts collected below. There are ideas here from customized aprons to personalized cookie cutters and baking tools. Each of them will make the baker in your lifes enjoyment of baking just a little bit better and hopefully bring a smile to their face too.

Arrowroot Molds

These are perfect for a wedding cookie as the picture shows, but without the date theyd also be perfect for anybody who entertains and could offer their guests a thoughtful cookie with tea with their name on it.

Go to: LeCuisinier

Custom Cookies

Want something a little more custom? Choose any shape, text or design you want and this shop will create perfect cookie cutters for you to give as a gift. Cookies could be for an event, a special someone, or even a business.

Go to: BakersStreetCutters

Printed Candy

This service was so unique it amazed us. You can have pretty much anything printed in candy, which can be used as a coating over cookies and cakes. Surprise them with a personal pattern on picture that they can use to make something really unique in the kitchen?

Go to: SUGAREDart

The Perfect Apron

If they dont have a customized apron, then this really is the perfect gift. Its cute to wear during holidays when baking for company and its a special gift to receive.

Go to: ModParty

Graphic Apron

We love a customized apron as a gift so much that we included another one. This company will print a graphic with your custom text and the product is really beautiful. Add a name and some subtext and you have a wonderful, personal gift for the baker in your life.

Go to: amylucydesigns

Tools of the Trade

These customized spoons and whisks most likely will be on display rather than being used – and thats exactly what theyre meant for.

Go to: RockeryCottage

Nanas Baking Book

A personalized baking book is a perfect gift. A place for family recipes and a keepsake where they can gather their best baking secrets and to make sure htey are never lost. This is also a gift that can be handed down and cherished.

Go to: KyivLeather

Baking Dish

This customized pyrex baking dish is a great gift for a baker and a great serving tray. Work with the seller to create a custom design or use one of their templates to make something perfect.

Go to: SimplyYoursByMarcy

Mixing Bowl

This bowl is so charming. A personalization in the bottom and along the rim make it perfect when empty or full. It would look great on display but it seems like something theyd also want to use.

Go to: PersonalizedGiftCoGB

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