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23 Apr 2024

Blog Post

Even More Ideas To Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day
Mother's Day

Even More Ideas To Make Your Mom Feel Special This Mother’s Day 

Our first article Handmade Gifts That Show Mom You Appreciate Her On Mother’s Day showed 8 special gift ideas for mom this Mother’s Day – and here are 7 more.

Every year that we find the perfect gift for Mother’s Day makes the next year even harder – how many perfect gifts are even out there! Hopefully this list helps, as there are helpful artisans making handmade thoughtful gifts and every year there are new ones. We’ve chosen some classic, some essential and some that every mother should love.

Always Together

This locket is a timeless old design – you may have seen them from your grandparents and even beyond. They feature a folding photo album of the faces of your loved ones. They can be a necklace, keychain or fob in a purse. A gift your mom will always have with her.


So True

I chose this keychain because the inscription made me tear up. It’s heartbreakingly true! This gift may be simple but what mom wouldn’t want a reminder like this of their child’s love.

Go to: MyMomentsOfBliss

Thick and Cozy

This blanket looks unbelievable. How can it be so thick? What a perfect gift to cozy up and read under, or a throw for a bed or couch. You can’t go wrong with this gift, she’ll love it and you’ll steal it.

Go to: CheeryLittleSheep

Perfect Recipe

This wood bound book is the perfect place for mom’s best recipes. A place she can write down family culinary secrets and keep them safe. Really, it’s a gift for you – since we all want our mom to write those recipes down for us.

Go to: JoshuaHouseCrafts

Chip Off The Old Block

We love these photo frames. They are charming and rustic and unique and stackable. They’re so much better than a normal picture frame, and your mom is going to love it too. Buy multiple or buy a new one each year as they’re also very collectable too.

Go to: OwlThatMatters

A Self Care Box

This box is full of handmade items that help your mom relax and unwind. A Hygge botanical candle, bath shot, soy wax melts, aromatherapy spray accompanied in beautiful packaging. This is an interesting gift your mom will enjoy.

Go to: Lunarandlux

An Elegant Tray

This circular tray is a simple gift, but thats why she’ll love it. It’s perfectly simple. The ideal tray to act as a centrepiece, to hold candles, plants and to add texture to a room. Not every gift has to be sentimental, sometimes you want to give something well designed.

Go to: LittleLoveHome

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