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21 May 2024

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Protecting Your Hands in a COVID-19 Quarantine World 

Protecting Your Hands in a COVID-19 Quarantine World

You’re getting used to the new world. You social distance and have started to like wine parties with your friends over Zoom. You are pretty good at staying safe, wiping down groceries and washing your hands, but you still feel uncomfortable when you go out into the world.

Those horrible moments when you realize you have to open a door, touch a button, enter your pin code, or pick up an object. What if you can’t wash your hands right away? What if you accidentally touch your face afterward? You fumble to use your elbow or to fit your hand in your sleeve. There has to be a better way, right?

Check out some of these innovative PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) solutions for your hands. From gloves to keys to sanitizer, there are lots of solutions to help your hands stay safe and sanitary!

Love the gloves

These gloves politely tell the world that you’re protecting yourself. Sorry, not Sorry! Never fear, just wash them after every use and buy a few pairs.

Go to: LegendaryApparelShop


These rubber mits fit on your keychain with an extendable leash so you don’t have to wear them all the time. They come in mouse, monkey, pig and dog. Cute!

Go to: thedewdrops

The Key to Safety

These metal keys do just about everything. They can open doors, press buttons, turn locks, lift items and probably open a beer. Super handy, easy to sterilize and convenient to carry.

Go to: JustTheTop

Bye-bye Covid!

Disinfectants can kill the COVID virus in 60 seconds – just ask Trump. Having a handy bottle of disinfectant you can spray on surfaces is smart. Use it on product that are delivered to you or items you touch in public. Made with an essential oil blend that also smells nice.

Go to: ZONATradingPost

Staying safe is common sense

Each of these products are handy to have available for you when you travel, and all make good gifts for your loved ones and people in your life – after all, we’re all going through this together at the same time world wide. How many times can we say that?

  1. Think like a doctor when sterilizing. Create a line and ensure nothing passes over the line without being sterilized, including your hands.
  2. Have one sterile hand and one non sterile hand when cleaning objects, then wash your hands when you’re done.
  3. Don’t worry about what others think – they understand!
  4. Always wash your gloves and masks – they are designed to intercept the virus, so they are potentially dangerous to you!

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